How to mix and match holiday pajamas

how to mix and match holiday pajamas

During the holidays, my mom would always get me a cute little Disney holiday themes nightgown or pajama to wear during the holidays, and that is probably where this initial obsession with Christmas pyjamas came from, but I always remember putting them back thinking I would were them again the next year, and guess what? By the time Christmas came back around, I had outgrown them. As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate being more resourceful about my clothes and I have to share with you how to mix and match your holiday pajamas, so that you’re not like young Alex and putting perfectly good Pj’s away after Christmas.

Check out this video to see my latest pajama haul!

Cordinate colors that work year round

By all means, if you have a color that you love, wear it! I just don’t want you to be limited to just festive colors, so don’t just go for the classic red, try and bring in some neutrals like white or black or navy. Make sure to grab these colors in tops and bottoms to ensure you can rotate them all season long.

Remix prints and patterns

It’s very tempting to buy only candy cane and gingerbred prints, but pick up something that has a snowflake or buffalo check. These can be interpreted as winter or even fall prints. They can also be paired with a matching plain pajama top or bottom, adding some excitement to the overall look that can be worn over and over again.

Pay attention to seasonal fabrics

Don’t just pick up holiday pajamas because they are cute. Pay attention to the fabric. Is it thermal? Will it actually keep you warm and cozy? Or is it just pretty and you have to wear something else to bed or else you will freeze? I love old navy thermal pajamas because they have great stretch and the sets are always a great deal.

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