What I Wore To Work #2

This week, my office starts a hybrid structure where we come into the office for a few days and then the other days we work from home. I’m only in for three days and then remote from home for the rest. I wanted to share what I wore to work in the office and remotely. During my remote days, I took advantage of wearing more open-toe shoes, which was a nice change from having to wear weather-appropriate clothing.

Since it’s only three days in the office, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Vancouver is consistently raining, so I have to take any shoes that are not waterproof in a little bag and change them once I get into the office. Check out what I wore to work last week, to see more of my cold-weather commute picks.

Hair / Leopard Trousers / Booties (Similar) / Sweater
Loafers / Trousers / Coat / Sweater / Hair

what i wore to work
Trousers / Boots / Turtleneck (Similar)

I believe I’ve told you this before, but for me, animal print functions as a neutral and I love it during the fall season. So tell me, did what I wore to work this week inspire you to get back into your closet and put together some outfits? Let me know which look was your favorite!

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