My Favorite Christmas Gift

Have you ever received a gift that you need and wanted at the same time? This year my favorite Christmas gift was unexpected yet definitely on my list. Christmas gifts in my opinion are really an expression of love and a way to show others that you care about what they care about. My focus in 2021 (and definitely something I’m caring about in 2022), is the need to feel safe and calm. To have peace at all times is important to me. I discovered last year that anything that makes me feel cozy, gives me peace.

My favourite Christmas gift this year was this absolutely adorable cardigan. It’s available in five amazing colors and features a lightweight knit that is machine washable and tumble dry friendly!

My Favorite Christmas Gift

The open front design allows for effortless wear and the front pockets are deep and functional. The stretch is also very comfy and this material really hugs your body like you’re wearing a big teddy bear. My favorite Christmas gift also comes in a shorter, curved hem version if you don’t like a long cardigan or you prefer a shorter look. The shorter style also has more colors, so if you prefer variety, you may want to pick that one up for everyday casual wear.

I can definitely say that this cardigan will be a constant companion for me and my wardrobe this winter. I think it’s even light enough to take into Spring!

What was your favorite Christmas gift this holiday?