All Black Is Not Basic: What I Wore To Work #4

Truth be told, the weather dictated this week’s outfits. It’s been dark. It’s been cold. It’s been a mood. And quite frankly, I’m ok with wearing a color that I’ve loved since childhood. It’s the complete opposite of my personality, but I think we can all agree that all black is not basic, it’s boss when you think about it. Heads up: There are only four outfits because I repeated one from last week that I loved, so, here’s what I wore to work this week.

Loafers / Trousers (Similar) / Blazer / Sweater (Similar)
Boots / Bag / Turtle neck sweater (Similar) / Trousers
all black is not basic
Beanie (Similar) / Boots / Jeans / Bag / Top

So, there you have it! Have I convinced you that all black is not basic? It’s a color that can be moved around and suits so many different occasions and moods. I think black is a color that should be embraced. Not so much as color connected to an effect on the body, but as a color that actually puts in the work of uplifting your mood and giving you the power to feel empowered. That’s what all black does for me anyway.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post!