Wacoal Shape Revelation: Bras and shapewear designed for specific breast and body shapes

Building on their commitment to delivering the perfect fit for everybody, Wacoal, a leader in the intimate apparel space, launched the Shape Revelation™ Collection. This collection offers a first-of-its-kind assortment of bras and shapewear with innovative features crafted to address the specific needs of three breast shapes and two body shapes.

The Shape Revelation™ Collection makes it easy to shop by breast shape and body type, enabling women to experience a close-to-custom fit. The Wacoal Shape Revelation collection includes three bras and five shapewear pieces:

The Pendulous Underwire Bra features cups with a bonded panel that wraps around the sides and bottom to provide ultimate lift and all the support you need for your shape.

The Uneven Underwire Bra features adjustable front straps that allow you to align your breast tissue as needed for even support.

The Shallow Top T-Shirt Bra features cups with a custom-shaped pad that restores volume.

The Hourglass Hi-Waist Thigh Shaper, Shaping Brief, and Low Back Thigh Shaper are cinched at the waist with more room in the hips and bottom.

The Straight Hi-Waist Thigh Shaper and Shaping Brief are designed to be slimmer at the hips and have more room at the waist to fit a straighter frame.

I hope to see the full Wacoal Shape Revelation collection on shelves soon, but until then be sure to check them out online.

Images provided by Wacoal.