Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twists

janet collection havana mambo twists

Best protective style for Fall 2015

While crochet braids have been a trend for over a year now, with twists and box braids are making a come back, Janet collection made it super easy to combine both with the introduction of the havana mambo twists. These come pre twisted and can be crocheted into your natural hair. Traditional, individual havana twists are beautiful, but can take hours to install. The Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twists took me 30 minutes to 1 hour to install on my own and I could not be more in love with the ease of this style. Here are a few key features of the hair:

  • 100% Kanekalon/Toyokalon
  • 4.5 oz
  • Flame retardant

janet collection havana mambo twist

To install the hair, you will need a latch hook tool (for crochet) and about 6-8 packs of hair with each pack containing 12 individual twists. This style of hair comes in two lengths: 12 inches and 24 inches. Always be prepared to use more or less hair if needed. Have your hair braided in the pattern of your choice (mine was corn rowed all the way back) and using the pre twisted hair, crochet them onto your braids. During installation, I do advise starting from the front of the head instead of the back. This way, you won’t use more hair than you need to.

janet collection havana mambo twists



As you can see above, the ends are not sealed, which means although they are secured, the twists can be unraveled to produce a twist out. In terms of wear, the Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twists are very light weight and soft to the touch. I had no issue sleeping in them. However, I did find that the hair sheds short strands over time during wear.

janet collection havana mambo twists

I plan to wear the Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twists for 2 weeks or more depending on how my cornrows hold up. I’m really enjoying the ease of this style and I hope to try the shorter length as well. If you are interested in this style, check your local beauty supply store or visit Janet Collection and other online hair/wig retailers.


Have you tried the Janet Collection Havana Mambo Twists?