Top 5 Natural Hair Products for Fall 2021

Have you noticed the shift in weather? I can tell you right now that your skin and hair are probably feeling it the most. While there are a number of ways to keep your hair protected this Fall, I wanted to share my top 5 natural hair products that I’m carrying with me as I make the transition from hot summer air to cool and crisp fall weather.

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are essential all year round. However, they can become something that you may forget to really work into your hair. I really like the Dove Hair Therapy Break Remedy leave-in conditioner because it is specifically designed to be applied to the roots of your hair and worked through. This ensures adequate moisture for your scalp, roots and hair. For quick applications that will also give my curls a boost, I recently fell in love with the Kerastase Curl Manifesto Refresh Absolu Spray. It not only smells amazing but provides moisture and shine to my hair without weighing it down.

Twisting Cream and Daily Moisturizer

Protective styling begins in the fall and carries on throughout the winter. Having a twisting cream that can act as both styler and moisturizer in one is what I found in the As I Am Twist defining cream. It has some heavy oils that can coat and protect the hair, which adding hold and definition to your twists. If you want more of a daily moisturizer that is going to still have those oils your hair needs, try the TGIN MiracleRepaiRx Daily curl food moisturizer. This moisturizer is packed with hydration goodness such as black honey and coconut oil to maintain shine and control frizz.

Hair oils

To ensure proper hair and scalp health, oils are the most cost-effective and easy way to get this done. If you prefer your oils mixed in with a cream, try the moisturizers I mentioned earlier. If you want to keep your oils separate, I really like the Design Essentials Moisturizing oil treatment. The nozzle design ensures a no-mess, instant moisturization process and provides soothing nourishment to the scalp. The formula is lightweight and once I massage it into my scalp, the benefits really show through my tresses.

Thank you for reading this blog post!