Natural Hair Resolutions 2017

natural hair resolutions

Give your tresses some attention with these 5 Natural Hair Resolutions for 2017

I’ve been natural most of my life (I had a texturizing relaxer for four years) and I have so many Natural hair resolutions for 2017. However, I wanted to break them down into a more realistic outlook for myself. There was a time where I forgot there was hair on my head and neglect kicked in. There was a time where my hair began to fall out due to hormonal issues. Now that my hair is slowly coming back with lots of body and length, I decided to make this short list that I think I can stick to and I hope you to.

Trimming more often

I know it sounds scary because you just worked so hard to reach your goal length, but remember that split ends can happen without us knowing. My split ends like to travel up my hair shaft, so trimming is very important to keep those pesky splits away. After a trim, I also like how more uniform my curls look and my hair an added fullness to it. I keep my hair soaking wet, add tons of coconut oil and conditioner to see my pattern, and then I start cutting all uneven ends.

Cleansing my scalp

The itch becomes real every week for me due to product building up. I try to cleanse often, but I find myself washing once or twice a week. I need to be more consistent with cleansing my scalp and not just focusing on the hair itself. I intend to return to my Apple cider vinegar and water mix. This is a very effective cleanser for the scalp and you can see all the dirt and dead skin cells lifting once you start massaging the mixture through. It does not burn, it just smells a little but it gets the job done naturally and effectively.

Experiment with more protective styles

natural hair resolutions
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I love protective styles and wigs are my staples. Wigs are easy to use, remove and I can have a different look daily if I choose. However, I want to experiment with more protective styles on my own tresses. I know low manipulation is key to growth and length retention, but want to push the boundaries as it relates to styles that I can achieve with my own hair.

Your Ends are your friends

I know I just talked about trimming your ends, but they need attention too when it comes to moisturizing. I intend to keep them tucked away more often and oiling them every night before bed. They are the oldest part of your hair so making sure they do not get dry and break off is important.

More curl love

Showing my curls some love after my devastating hair loss

During the winter I enjoy blowouts and flat ironed hair because it stays straight longer. I intend to show my curls more love this year buy starting my curly styles at least by March. If I do a curly style before then, I’ll have to pile on the moisturizer to keep them from drying out. I’ll probably keep the curls for three days tops because I don’t want my ends to suffer for my curl vanity.

I hope the resolutions and goals I shared today are something you take into consideration this year. The health of your natural hair, be it relaxed or not, is very important if you want your tresses to do as you wish. Let me know what resolutions you’ve made for your hair this year. I’d love to hear them.