Model Model Jina

Cute style for Spring featuring the Model Model Jina Wig

Model Model Jina is a deep invisible L-Part wig that is sure to turn heads this Spring season. This waved style synthetic unit is curling iron safe up to 400°F and features a tapered, almost bob like cut. It falls beautifully with the longer layers in the front and the back stops at the top of the shoulders making this piece great for those ladies that have to wear a blazer or jacket at the office. Model Model Jina features three combs (2 at the sides of the part and one in the back) as well as two adjustable straps and two metal tabs at the temples. The parting on this wig is hand tied and very nicely constructed. However, I did not enjoy the double layer of lace at the very hairline where the part starts. Although this wig does lay flat, the double lace layer makes the unit appear more unrealisitic. The L-Shaped part could also use a bit of tweezing as there is more hair in the part than needed for a natural look. The fit of this unit was very comfortable, even when using the combs. The hair on the unit is very soft and I encountered no shedding or tangling during wear. The luster was a little high for my taste, but it was not obviously shiny to the point where you know it’s a wig. I think that Model Model Jina would be a perfect addition to a Spring wig collection because of the ease of wear and application.


jina4 jina3

model model jina

MODEL MODEL Deep Invisible L-part wig JINA in the color: OF99J530BG

model model jina

MODEL MODEL Deep Invisible L-part wig JINA in the color: OF203


The back of the MODEL MODEL Deep Invisible L-part wig JINA


Inside of unit at the part area.

model model jina



*Sample. Wigs provided by MODEL MODEL. 

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