Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

makeup forever ultra hd foundation

Best camera ready skin with Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

Makeup Forever is once again making unique beauty innovations with the recent release of the Ultra HD Foundation. Makeup Forever understands that as technology changes (pictures are a big deal now via the rise of Instagram), so does the makeup that must be applied to keep complexions flawless yet skin like as possible.

makeup forever ultra hd foundationMakeup Forever released this new Ultra HD foundation ($43 USD for 1.01 fl oz) in two formulations: Liquid and Stick. To make sure no complexion was left out, the liquid formulation is 40 shades and the stick is available in 15 shades. Makeup Forever deserves a round of applause for the amazing shade ranges now offered in this foundation formula with undertones being noted by the letters “Y” for yellow or Warm and “R” for red or cool before the shade number. There is no SPF in the formula and packaging comes with a convenient pump. Also, the style of the bottle from the original formula has not changed except for a new silver/metal band at the top.

makeup forever ultra hd foundation




To apply the liquid formulation, I used a traditional foundation brush and I also tried applying with a sponge using two pumps on clean, moisturized skin. True to its claims, the foundation blended seamlessly into the skin, almost as if to disappear. However, once it dried down, it gave a natural, smooth appearance to my skin. The formulation is also very light on the skin, even with two pumps of product and also contains a hint of fragrance, which I don’t see being an issue for sensitive skin.


After using the suggested two pumps, this foundation gave me medium coverage with a natural finish. The foundation also did a good job of evening out my complexion. If you are looking for a matte finish, this is not the foundation for you. The two pumps were also more than enough to cover my entire face. I had enough left over to come down my neck area. The medium coverage was fine with me as I can understand how piling on foundation can eventually make one feel uncomfortable and look unnatural on camera. My acne scars still came through, but not as prominent as they usually are and this foundation did a good job of canceling out areas of redness on my face.

Before application of R520

Before application of R520

After application via sponge of R520

After application via sponge of R520


I found the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation rather comfortable to wear. I have combination skin and there was no oxidization with this foundation. My oily areas did not being to show any signs of shine until the 5th hour of wear which is very impressive. I would also only recommend the liquid to combination and dry skin types as it only took my oily areas 5 hours to show up on my skin.


Thoughts overall

I think the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation is a keeper for the fall season as it will have you ready for all the family photos and impromptu videos that will be occurring around this time of year. It’s light weight and easy to apply so you will not feel it on the skin and you won’t spend 30 minutes trying to blend it onto the skin. The finish is natural enough that you can wear your makeup all day, but flawless enough that you won’t mind endless selfies around the thanksgiving table. I do suggest however, because more shades have been added, to go into a store like Sephora or a free standing Makeup Forever boutique to be properly matched. Check out Makeup Forever for more information and shade ranges.




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