Top 3 Resolution Solutions

top 3 resolution solutions

Top 3 Resolution Solutions to keep you on track this year!


Shopping Online

It is no surprise that shopping online is in my top 3 resolution solutions. As Father Winter and Cousin “Let’s be Lazy” work so hard to keep us in bed, I know it can lead to a lot of online shopping because it’s just way too much work to drive all the way to a store to shop. When sipping that hot chocolate, we can get carried away with buying too much and our credit cards don’t know how to tell us no.


What I have found is that when I fill my online shopping cart, I would leave the website and sleep on the items that I wanted. Within the next day or so, that same company would have sent me a coupon code for maybe 20% or 10% off, which saves some money. Even if it only takes care of shipping, it’s still a win.

Saving Money

Now that we have mastered shopping online, let’s save some more of our precious coins! If you do need to travel outside of the comfort of your home to snag a deal, it is best to leave the credit card at home and only carry cash and your coupons with you. I do this when I go on my coupon trips to the drugstore because it keeps me within a budget.

top 3 resolution solutions

When it comes to saving money online, it’s great to double stack with coupons and my fave site, EBATES. It’s the best way to save you the money you could have spent on gas and that check or Paypal deposit (they have multiple ways of sending you the money you earned) really comes in handy during those hard months. It’s free to sign up and Ebates usually has double cash back on multiple stores that I love like Sephora and Ulta so I rarely go in store because of all the money I’m saving with Ebates!


Loosing Weight

I saved this one for last because I know it’s a constant struggle to keep up with weight loss. The first solution I have to offer is to tell you that the numbers on the scale do not matter. Get over the obsession with size and numbers and focus on being healthy and making healthy decisions. I know everyone is going to say you have to do this and that to loose weight, but what about being healthy for a change?


For example, I was a milk shake fanatic. I went to Steak-N-Shake EVERY DAY for my fave cookies & cream milk shake! Now, I just drink water with every meal and I have seen a big change in my skin and energy. I have also switched out my beloved rice for spinach. So it’s little changes that can help you be on the way to a better lifestyle and the weight will fall in line.


I hope my top 3 resolution solutions were helpful to you today. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below.



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