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Hello, everyone. My name is Alex and I am a candle hoarder. They say the first step to getting over your problems is to admit them. However, my candle obsession is something that I intend to indulge in for a long time. First of all, it's not even officially...
Inspired by the beauty of snowfall, Bath and Body Works created the Snowflakes and Cashmere collection as part of the Holiday 2016 lineup. It's totally a must have.
bath and body works fall 2016 scents
Bath and Body Works Fall 2016 scents are in full swing with tons of Pumpkin realness. Pumpkin lovers can rejoice as some old favorites and some interesting scents have made the Fall 2016 lineup.
Fall season Bath and Body Works hauls are always glorious! Let's face it, Fall time at Bath and Body works is usually everyone's favorite time to shop because of all the yummy bakery smells that come out. It's also a time for all things Pumpkin. As a avid candle hoarder,...