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MODA Prismatic Brushes

moda prismatic brushes

MODA Prismatic makeup brushes ($9.99-$24.99) are basically a mermaid lovers dream come true as it relates to makeup brushes. The first thing that caught my eye about these makeup brushes is the color palette. These cruelty free brushes offer unique shapes that are designed to fit the contours of your face for blending perfection. Although these MODA prismatic brushes are vegan, they are very soft and durable. These brushes feature dense synthetic fibers that apply and blend cream and liquid makeup with minimal absorption.

The Royal and Langnickel MODA brushes are very affordable line of makeup brushes that still offer exceptional quality. I love the overall look of the new MODA Prismatic makeup brushes and how well they perform. I also appreciate the dipped ombre effect on the bristles as it really pulls together the mermaid look. The entire collection has oval brushes and traditionally shaped brushes so everyone can collect them as they please. These MODA Prismatic makeup brushes also come in unique kits where you can experience more brushes and a cute metallic travel case. The brushes I have are:

All of theses MODA Prismatic makeup brushes and the entire MODA brushes line can be found on Also, use the coupon code BUNNY to save an extra 10% off your order.

moda prismatic brushes moda prismatic brushes moda prismatic brushes

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