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Kiss Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails Matte Lavender Review

Kiss Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails in Night After are a lovely way to start your Spring and Easter nail wardrobe. The matte lavender color is perfect for the season and is consistent throughout all 28 nails provided in the kit.

kiss gel fantasy sculpted nails

The application was fast as all of the nails have numbers at the tips for easy sizing. This is a very sturdy matte color with a coffin nail shape.

I am pleased that with all my cleaning and day-to-day chores, the matte color stayed true. It even resisted scuffs during my week-long wear.

Nails on a normal sunny day

However, I will say that due to the nature of matte color, it does hold on to stains. From lipstick to foundations, I found myself having to constantly wash my hands to remove any pigment stains as wiping with a dry cloth just made things worse.

Also, I found it interesting that in different levels of light, the lavender color appeared lighter or darker. Sometimes it almost looks periwinkle rather than lavender. It was like having a different set of nails every time I took a photo of them.

Same nails on a cloudy day

I did enjoy this Kiss Gel Fantasy Sculpted nails set and I have seen this matte style in a few more colors. The ultra-smooth finish of these high volume nails really mimics that of a salon set so they are definitely worth the money.

*Purchased with my own money. Affiliate links included.