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Winter Makeup Essentials

The weather outside is cold and nippy, stripping your skin of essential moisture and the glow you carefully curated over the summer. You can absolutely bring life back into your makeup routine with these winter makeup essentials.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

We can not talk about makeup without talking about the importance of prepping the skin first. Stepping right out of the shower, a facial mist like the Caudalie grape water provides instant hydration and soothes the skin. Once you’ve let that spray soak in for a minute, add your moisturizer. A good moisturizer with amazing plumping ingredients like the COSRX hyaluronic acid intensive cream is a great place to start. This moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration to the skin as Hyaluronic Acid retains all that moisture.

Base before face

The base you create to protect your skin and create a canvas before a foundation is essential. It’s best to create barriers that decrease the time your skin can dry out and protect you from the elements. If I’m short on time, I use a moisturizer with my sunscreen already built in, but you can opt for something like the Super goop unseen sunscreen. I also suggest a primer targeting your skin concerns. For smoothing my skin, I use the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer.

Flawless foundation

During the cooler months, I prefer to have a liquid or cream foundation to ensure that coverage is met, but that all the moisture that I put on before is locked in place. Foundations that offer a natural glow but are not oily are a great place to start. If you have oily or combo skin and you’re afraid to give up your matte foundation, I’d suggest switching to a medium-coverage liquid foundation, with a bit of conceal spot coverage. That way, you can powder down for the matte look you want, without a mattifying foundation to make your skin look and feel even drier in the winter air.

Liquid Highlighter

For that glow-from-within look, a liquid highlighter provides an effortless glow to the skin that looks more natural than a powdered highlighter. You also have more control with this as you can even mix it with your foundation for an all-over glow if you prefer. Adding a liquid highlighter can also add highlights to the face so that you will not look flat and dull during the winter and lets you duplicate the glow you had during the summer.

I hope you found this list of winter makeup essentials helpful in building out your makeup and skincare needs for this time of year.

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