Wine Berry Fall Makeup

Colder months are super sultry with wine berry fall makeup

wine berry fall makeup

As November rolls in, I have been super interested in pulling out my darker colored lipsticks. I think that deep or wine colored lipsticks really give a sultry, sexy vibe during the Fall and Winter months.


While the sun was out and shining today, there was a dark could in the corner of the sky for a good two hours-no rain, just a dark cloud. It looked like it wanted to burst, but it just hung out all day. Basically as if to tell the sun to quit being so hot because it’s already November. I took that hit as a spark for Fall here in the Tropics and created this wine berry fall makeup look to really place emphasis on the lips and cheeks as well as give some power to lashes.

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Overall, it’s a really simple look that can totally be a show stopper. You could add a touch of sparkle and turn this look completely into night time makeup Fall glam. The lips for me were the focal point and I think everyone needs a wine berry makeup look for Fall.