The Balm Cosmetics Big Fan Lashes Review

the balm cosmetics big fan lashes

The Balm Cosmetics Big Fan lashes ($8) are just what you need to give your eye looks a boost this summer. The new 3D faux mink synthetic eyelashes are soft, comfortable and easy to apply. They also have cute, no-fuss packaging, so you won’t ever miss them!

I tried out the two available styles in “Star Struck” and “Paparazzi”. Although I wish there were more styles to choose from, I think this is a good start for The Balm Cosmetics Big Fan lashes line because Paparazzi offers a natural look and Star Struck gives more drama. That way, you can choose either one or both, plus that price point does not break the beauty bank.

The Paparazzi Lashes

This style is soft and natural with classic curves that sit nice and snug on your lash line. The faux synthetic mink fibers look and feel very natural and enhance the eyes beautifully.  They are also not the same length straight across, so it creates this beautiful, natural dimension to the lash.

the balm cosmetics big fan lashes
The Balm Cosmetics lashes in Paparazzi.

The Star Struck Lashes

Star Struck is more of a full volume lash with a fanned out wisp towards the ends. It’s not too full, but just right that you can wear it during the day and for a night out. It has a soft flexible band that also sits comfortably on the eye. While wearing them I did not wear any eyeliner and they looked so natural on the lash line so I know if I paired it with a liner of my choosing, they would really look amazing.

the balm cosmetics big fan eyelashes
Wearing “Star Struck” lashes by The Balm Cosmetics.

I think The Balm Cosmetics is on the right track with the new lash collection. I hope to see more styles added to the line for the summer.

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