Sleek True Color Lipsticks

Sleek true color lipsticks ($7.49 USD) are some of the creamiest lipsticks I have ever encountered, with gorgeous sheen and matte finishes. Available in 20 shades, the formula for these Sleek Makeup lipsticks is very moisturizing but long lasting. Enriched with Vitamin E, these sleek true color lipsticks are comfortable to wear and hydrate the lips. However, the matte finish does require you to exfoliate before wear as it can pick up on dry patches.

The packaging is very light and convenient for travel. Each tube gives you 1.2 oz of product. They are small and can fit into your jeans pocket perfectly since they are more oval shaped and not the standard bullet shape of a lipstick. The texture of the packaging is more on the rubberized side, giving more of a luxurious feel to them.

sleek true color lipsticks



Sleek True Color Lipstick: Cherry (Sheen) 

Cherry is described as a dark red with a sheen finish. It is a blue based red with an intense, almost jewel toned in appearance, sheen finish. This color is very long wearing and is very opaque. Cherry does have the ability to bleed through when applied. It lasted well over 8 hour wear and through meals, leaving a flushed red stain on the lips.





Sleek True Color Lipstick: Succumb (Sheen)

Succumb is described as a brown with pink undertones and sheen finish. It’s a light nude with a peach base. This color is opaque with a high seen finish. Very comfortable wear through 8 hours, however, it did not hold up very well through a meal and had to be reapplied with a light peach stain to the lips. Succumb can be worn alone or paired with a light brown lip liner.




Sleek True Color Lipstick: Papaya Punch (Matte)

Papaya Punch is described as a matte bright coral. It is a neon coral with a matte finish. This is the only one of the sleek true color lipsticks that needs to have the formula tweaked a little. Sleek was trying to mix the conditioning aspect of the true lipstick formula, with the dryness of a matte finish and it missed the mark. The application of Papaya Punch was patchy and lipstick wanted to glide on during application, but the matte finish caused it to patch up if you tried to create another layer. The lipstick is highly pigmented and opaque. It was not very comfortable to wear as I could feel the matte texture competing with the conditioning aspect of the formula. It made me feel very self conscious about the patchiness as well.


sleek true color lipsticks