Sigma Structural Lashes Mascara


Sigma Structural Lashes Mascara ($19 USD each or $45 USD for the set) are here and they are fabulous. Sigma Beauty released their first mascaras this summer featuring three different wands with one infallible formula. This is a genius idea because I know there have been times where I fell in love with a mascara formula and hated the wand and vice versa. By having three different wands for one formula, it allows for three completely different looks- volume, curl or length, to satisfy every mascara addict. Sigma Beauty also decided to create the Structural Lashes mascara set for those who want to try all three mascaras or who love to layer mascaras for a unique look. These mascaras can also be bought separately if you already know the look you are going for and want to try this amazing formula. To save you some cash, for the month of September, use code INNOVATINGBEAUTY  for an extra 10% off your purchase!

While I noticed the formula was a bit messy, (all three wands left mascara all over my mobile lid), there was no harsh smell and it’s very light weight. This formula also boasts being:

  • Flake resistant
  • Smudge resistant
  • 13+ hour wear
  • Paraben free
  • Water resistant

sigma structural lashes mascaras

High Caliber Lash 

The High Caliber Lash Mascara ($19 USD) has a wand that is straight and firm to promote long lasting length. It was made to lengthen the lash by pulling them upward for optimal height, with sight curves in the center to hug each lash.


sigma lash2

sigma structural lashes mascara


Monumental Lash Mascara

The Monumental Lash Mascara ($19 USD), is for those who are looking for incredible volume. The wand on this mascara is thick and full to lift and volumize the lash, giving a lasting dramatic effect. Once applied from the based up, it gives instant volume that can be built up. I did find that this wand clumped the formula a little after a second coat, however, the volume achieved at the base of the lash is amazing.


sigma lash4




Sinuosity Lash Mascara

The Sinuosity Lash Mascara ($19 USD), has a wand that is curved to curl your lashes. The plastic brush wand grabs every lash pulling, curling and separating them upward perfectly. Your lashes stay soft and curled even after the formula has dried.




sigma structural lashes mascara


I enjoyed using all of these mascaras, however, my favorite one was the monumental lash mascara. Let me know in the comments if you have tried these mascaras from Sigma!



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