Revolution Pro Series Complextion Kit


The Revolution Pro Series Complextion Kit ($89.99 USD) by Royal and Langnickel Brushes is the answer to a flawless finish for face makeup. Royal and Langnickel are pioneers in the brush making business with over 60 years of experience and produce some of the best makeup brushes in the world for both professional and consumers.

However, there was a need for the use of synthetic brushes with the performance and feel of natural hair. Royal and Langnickel decided to reach out to Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Kevin James Bennet, to find out what makeup artists really want for an ideal tool that would be able to keep up with the demands of the profession. This is how the Revolution Pro Series brush collection was born.

revolution brush 2
L-R: BX 25 (Angle kabuki), BX 35 (Highlight contour), BX 40 (LG Foundation), BX 00 (LG Domed kabuki), BX 20 (Flat top kabuki), BX 45 (SM Foundation)

Complextion makeup is something I am very passionate about and the Revolution Pro Complextion Kit is the perfect six piece set to achieve a flawless finish. These six brushes are all you need from start to finish to have the flawless face makeup you have been dreaming about. Soft to the touch with a hint of stiffness to them, these brushes are amazing to work with because of their amazing quality and exceptional performance. The handles are made from high impact acrylic and coated with a soft rubberized finish. This helps your hands to stay comfortable during the makeup application and allow them to withstand years of being used on a multitude of projects. Additionally,this six piece set (including the entire Revolution line) is 100 percent Vegan and is made with fully synthetic fibers that mimic natural hair. Royal and Langnickel has provided a discount code for MissBeautyBunny readers with code BUNNI20 to receive 20% off!

The brushes included in the Revolution Pro Series Complextion kit are:

  • BX-45 SM Foundation
  • BX-40 LG Foundation
  • BX-35 Highlight Contour
  • BX-25 Angle Kabuki
  • BX-20 Flat Top Kabuki
  • BX-00 Large Domed Kabuki

revolution brush 3


Revolution Pro Series Complextion Kit rev brushes 11

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Revolution Pro Series Complextion Kit

Revolution Pro series Complextion kit



**Brushes were provided for review**