NYX Cosmetics Shine Loud Liquid Lipstick Review

NYX Cosmetics Shine Loud liquid lipstick ($11.50) is a new liquid lipstick and gloss topper duo. Available in 24 shades, I purchased three shades:

  • On a mission – Blue-based red
  • In Charge – Deep Berry shade
  • Ambition statement – Warm, peach brown
nyx cosmetics shine loud

NYX Cosmetics claims that the vegan formula has 16-hour wear with no transfer. I did not wear it for 16 hours, but this formula lasts all day and does not transfer. That being said, it is rather troublesome to remove. This is not a put on and remove kind of color. You must let this wear down throughout the day in order to be able to remove it without too much trauma to the lips. The colors are pigmented and it is lightweight on the lips. The color can also be built up, even though it is opaque on the first application.

I like that you can have the option of wearing the color as a matte or gloss, depending on your preference. The two-step technology allows you to apply the high-pigment color first as a base coat and then the non-sticky gloss as a topcoat. Out of all three colors, “Ambition Statement” accentuated lines the most and for someone like me, I’ll need a lip liner to make this work.

nyx cosmetics shine loud
NYX Cosmetics Shine Loud liquid lipstick in “Ambition Statement”.
Lip swatch of “In Charge.” Bottom has gloss, top is with no gloss.

The liquid lipstick glides on smoothly and the applicator has a well that contains just enough product to cover your lips without going back into the tube. The formula is infused with macadamia seed oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and passion fruit seed oil.

nyx cosmetics shine loud
L-R: Ambition Statement, In Charge, On A Mission

Unfortunately, the liquid lipstick formula on its own is not my favorite. While it does glide on the lips and dries down to a semi matte finish, if you press your lips together after waiting for it to dry, it still sticks and breaks apart. If you have dry patches, take care of those first as the formula will accentuate lines and dry skin.

nyx cosmetics shine loud
On A Mission with the gloss topper

The gloss made the lip color look very juicy and glossy as it should, yet it is not sticky and moves around. The glass allowed me to press my lips together without worrying about the color moving. There was also no transfer during wear. I found that the gloss does run and drained outside of my lip lines and made the lip color accentuate lip lines even more. Without the gloss on top, I find the formula to be rather drying to my lips.

NYX Cosmetics did a nice job with the long lasting formula, but it needs work when it comes to the gloss and lipstick working together and how the lipstick formula dries down.