Makeup Forever Lash Show

makeup forever lash show

Bring some fancy to your flutter with new Makeup Forever Lash Show lashes.


Makeup Forever recently launched Lash Show, which is a collection of 50 handmade, false lashes available in 4 styles. Each lash is priced at $18 and are designed for the easiest application and intensity. The 100% synthetic Makeup Forever Lash Show franchise includes 23 Creative and Natural Impact lashes. These light weight, soft to the touch lashes, have a flexible band that allows for total control and precision during lash application. Additionally, each Makeup Forever Lash Show comes complete with a Makeup Forever latex-free adhesive with a unique, easy-to-apply felt-like eyeliner tip.


With 50 different lash options to choose from, Makeup Forever Lash Show’s luxuriance of lengths and shapes can meet the needs of both professional makeup artist and consumer alike. Lash Show offers supreme hold for long wear and continued use over time (with proper care). The lashes are available in four styles:

  • Dramatic Volume -13 fuller lash options for a more slightly dramatic result and are suitable for day or evening looks
  • Winged – this style has 9 beautiful cat-eye style lashes to really accentuate the eyes
  • Natural Volume – 13 everyday lashes to increase length or volume
  • Artistic – 15 lashes for more dramatic looks



Makeup Forever Lash N-301 ($18)


Makeup Forever Lash N-502 ($18)

makeup forever lash show

Makeup Forever Lash C-705 ($18)

makeup forever lash show

Makeup Forever Lash C-802 ($18)

I do enjoy the fact that they included a glue with each lash just in case you are on the road and need to go from day time classy to night time sassy in a flash. All 50 styles can be found at Sephora, Makeup Forever online and Makeup Forever boutiques.





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