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My Makeup Collection 2016

my makeup collection

I decided that before the end of this year, I needed to take an inventory of my beauty room. My makeup collection is the prized possession in the entire room, so I wanted to share a bit of how I store and organize all of it. Now, let me be very clear, this is in no way to brag, but just to share with those who may be curious as to what I have in my stash at the moment.

My makeup collection has not grown as much as I expected it to this year. Many brands did not put out things that I felt caught my attention or were women of color friendly. However, I did include a few more acrylic storage options that were way more affordable for me this time around. My foundation station (as I like to call it), sits on top of a Clearly Chic 3-drawer acrylic storage system that I picked up at TJ MAXX. I suggest if you are on a budget, start there because they usually have tons of acrylic storage items for super cheap (seriously, no more than $15). I keep items that I rotate seasonally in there to be easy to reach.

My lipsticks and lip glosses live in Acrylic holders from ByAlegory. I love how deep the lip gloss holder is as it can hold various lip gloss sizes. The lipstick holder is great for my MAC lipsticks as I store them upside down to see the name of which ever color I choose. I also found the acrylic holder for my eyeshadow palettes (Acrylic Collator) and lip liners (Acrylic Pencil cup) at The Container Store.

As for the overflow, I keep them in my ALEX Drawers from IKEA. I went with the black-brown shade because I know I’d get the white ones full of foundation. I keep all of my mascara, liners, blushes and PR packages all tucked away. I would love to display my blushes, but my desk is not long enough just yet. I love the ALEX drawers for space reasons, but if you are on a budget, Michael’s has a Recollection’s 5 drawer letterpress cube that is an excellent dupe. The only downside is that it only comes in white and you will not get the two deeper drawers that the ALEX drawer offers.

The makeup brushes are kept in Topiary jars that I got from Michael’s. I do need to find a larger one for my big powder brushes, because I don’t like them potentially being squished. I also still have to find solutions for my mascaras and eye liners. I do see more lipstick holders in my future as the excess ones are just all over the place in my ALEX drawers.

my makeup collection 2016

It is my hope for my makeup collection in 2017, I can get my ALEX Drawers more organized than they are now. All of the palettes and loose shadows that roll around in those drawers need a place to stay put. Let me know how you store your makeup and if you have any suggestions about anything we talked about today!