MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick

mac sushi kiss lipstick

Get ready for a sexy summer with MAC Sushi Kiss lipstick

MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick ($17 for 0.1 oz) is a described as a mid tone coral cream with a satin finish. I’d say it’s a soft orange cream soda shade that adds intense color during application. Satin formulas to me are rather tricky because they are buildable but can be a hassle to apply due to the fact that it slides around. I also found the creamy consistency comfortable to wear, but if you do have lip lines, you will see them peak through this formula.

Pressing your lips together lightly to blend this color is the only way to get it to be seamless on the lips. It does have a natural sheen and is warm in tone, which is perfect for the summer time. With it’s light weight, soft-satin semi matte finish, MAC Sushi Kiss lipstick does not last very long through meals (have to re-apply every time). To give this color a little more depth, I would pair it with warm toned lip liners for a beautiful gradient effect. Additionally, as I’m not a huge fan of a satin finish, I think this color does add a bit of fun to any lipstick collection and has surfaced to the top of my lipstick stash for this upcoming summer.

mac sushi kiss lipstick

mac sushi kiss