Lilly Lashes Mykonos Review

lilly lashes mykonos review

Experience a glamour overload with this Lilly Lashes Mykonos Review

Lilly Lashes Mykonos ($29.99) are 3D Mink lashes that are just the most beautiful lashes I have seen in a while. This strip lash comes already pre/double stacked and these lashes are reusable for up to 20-25 wears. For this Lilly Lashes Mykonos review, I wanted to focus on the quality of the lash because let’s face it, for a $30 price tag, they better not fall apart. The packaging was very sturdy and I liked that I could see both lashes through the top and the closure is magnetic for extra security. I would like to see a little more attention to detail on the packaging as it looks like it’s just an image they stuck on the front of the box, while the back of the box seemed to get all the love and attention.

The lashes themselves are not smothered in adhesive to stick to the packaging which is excellent because I can not stand having to pull all that extra gunk off my lash before applying. As far as wear goes, these lashes are very light weight on the eyes. These Mykonos lashes blend into my own natural lashes very seamlessly. I expected them to be super heavy because at first glance, that’s how they look. However, they are extra soft to the touch and very easy to apply. The band on these lashes is very flexible and comfortable to wear. You could easily forget you are wearing these Lilly Lashes in Mykonos because they are so comfortable and I think these would be perfect for a special event because of that very fact. These are my very first Mink lashes and I must say I am impressed with the exceptional quality lash that Lilly Lashes has to offer.



lilly lashes mykonos review


lilly lashes mykonos review

lilly lashes mykonos review