Lena Lashes Monroe and Gigi

lena lashes monroe and gigi

Turn your lash game up to the next level with Lena Lashes Monroe and GiGi

Lena Lashes is your one stop shop for true lash perfection. During the holidays, I was on a lash hunt. I really wanted all of my holiday looks to stand out and we know that lashes complete any makeup look. That’s when I found Lena Lashes Monroe and Gigi. I had stalked their Instagram for a bit and loved all of the styles. The unique lashes that I found on Lena Lashes are some that I have never seen any where else and I really liked how unique the brand was. The bands on the lashes are made of cotton thread and are very comfortable to wear and apply. The packaging is just gorgeous and great for storage. I love the attention to detail on the packaging itself as well as the attention to detail on the product. These lashes are very well made and I like that Lena Lashes took the time to make sure that these lashes were not cheap feeling and very soft on the skin. I would say that on the average eye, they may need to be trimmed to get a perfect fit, just so that they look more natural. There is such a glamorous high-class feel to the packaging and lashes themselves that you really get your money’s worth. I decided to pick up the styles Gigi and Monroe because they look so full and glam but different in their own way. Gigi and Monroe are both synthetic lashes that are full of drama. They made my eyes pop and really give my eyes a sultry, sexy look to them with a hint of flirt.

lena lashes monroe and gigi



lena lashes monroe and gigi

Lena Lashes Monroe, $18


Lena Lashes in Monroe

lena lashes monroe and gigi

Lena Lashes GiGi, $30


Lena Lashes in GiGi