How To Apply Gel Eyeliner

how to apply gel eyeliner

If you have already started thinking through your fall and winter makeup looks, then eyeliner is definitely going to be a must-have on your list. When I first got into makeup, I remember eyeliner being the hardest thing for me to get right. I would always mess up, but practice makes perfect. With this in mind, I wanted to share how to apply gel eyeliner the way that worked for me. I also wanted you to have some tips to use because using gel eyeliner was way more manageable for me than liquid eyeliner.

Pick your tools

The first thing I do is reach for the tools that I know I am comfortable working with and have not failed me yet. The Moda Pro angled eyeliner and pointed eyeliner brushes are staples in my gel eyeliner technique. The handles are soft and quilted, providing great cushion and support for your hands. They are both firm bristle brushes that are also flexible, so they are sturdy enough to hold the product in place but flexible enough to not tug at your skin.

how to apply gel eyeliner

Don’t over pack your brush with product

When you dip your brush into the gel liner, make sure to grab a generous about of product, but also keep in mind that you need to evenly distribute the product. To do this, press the brush against the inside the top of the jar lid. This helps to get rid of the excess product and keeps your brush sharp, concentrating the majority of the product evenly in the bristles.

Make sure when choosing your gel liner formula, that it does not run or smudge. Try to look for long-wearing gel liners because that kind of formula is going to give you added control during application.

how to apply gel eyeliner

Follow the symmetry of your eyes

Your eyes are your best guide to ensure you end up with crisp, event lines. I use these two brushes when I want a particular thickness, so it really depends on the eye look you are going for. You can use both or just one of these brushes and still get great winged liner results.

Starting with the MODA Pro Angled liner brush, being a line that follows the bottom lash line.

Starting out, follow your bottom lash line using the angled liner brush upward and make another line coming on top of that line to meet your top lash line.

Placing the same MODA Pro angled liner brush at the top of the line, bring it forward towards the inner portion of the eye but stopping in the middle.

Taking the pointed liner brush, start from the inner corner of the eye and connect the liner. The pointed liner brush is thick enough that with one stroke, enough colour is laid down and I don’t need to fill in the rest of the liner.

Using the MODA Pro pointed liner brush, begin in the inner portion of the eye and connect in the middle of the eye.
how to apply gel eyeliner

I hope these tips are helpful for you in learning more about how to apply gel eyeliner. Let me know how you are achieving your winged liner looks this fall.

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