Ben Nye Mojave Palette


Ben Nye Mojave Palette is a makeup artist’s dream come true!

Ben Nye Mojave Palette has come to the rescue of those who love the Mojave loose powders but hate having to deal with the mess they can create. The Ben Nye MediaPRO Poudre Palette ($50.00 USD) comes in two shades: Bella and Mojave. The Mojave palette features more olive and brown shades that are a must when working with women of color. The powders are finely milled, translucent and very light weight. The coverage of these powders seem to be sheer but can be built up without looking cakey. The Ben Nye Mojave Palette is perfect for addressing the needs of those who have warm to dark skin tones without the fear of looking ashy.

The texture of these powders feels like that of soft kitten paws touching the skin. For professional makeup artists, this palette is very light weight with it’s non bulky, with cardboard packaging. The cardboard packaging would be the only thing I would change as it can become very messy. I do hope they upgrade to a plastic palette in the future. The palette also offers a clear view window to keep you organized and the best part is that these pans are also refillable.

When working with these powders, I noticed that they did not kick up as much dust in the pan as most pressed powders do. The Mojave pressed powders are very pigmented and also blend into the skin without having to be packed on. The Ben Nye Mojave powder as does not sit on top of the skin, but because it’s so finely milled, it looks like skin and photographs beautifully.

ben nye mojave palette

Ben Nye 3

Ben nye mojave palette


ben nye 9

ben nye mojave palette

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ben nye 10
Ben Nye Mojave Powders in natural sun light. L-R: Sepia, Honey Spice, Caramel, Golden Light
ben nye 11
Ben Nye Mojave Powders in natural sun light L-R: Americano, Tanzania, Adobe, Moroccan