BECCA Blushed With Light Palette

becca blushed with light palette

BECCA Blushed with Light Palette for Holiday 2016

BECCA Blushed With Light Palette ($34 for 0.46 OZ) is a Limited Edition blush palette that provides subtle color to the skin for a universally flattering flush or glow. This trio palette features two permanent shades: luminous blush Snapdragon and mineral blush songbird. Additionally, there is one color that is exclusive to the palette, a mineral blush called Wisteria. The packaging for this palette has a very sleek, bronzed design with a mirrored finish. There is a very nice weight to the packaging as well as a large mirror inside.

When I first purchased the palette, I was under the impression that they were all blushes, and in fact they could be, but not on deeper skin tones. In fact, this trio can cater to achieving a “blushed glow” and not so much a trio of super pigmented blushes for us brown biscuits. The colors in this palette include one matte and two luminous shades. The shades are very light and subtle on the skin. The texture of these blushes is ultra soft and the color is not chalky.

As for application, the shades in the BECCA Blushed with Light palette really melt into the skin seamlessly. Snapdragon is the only color that I could pull off as a noticeable blush, but it would also make a great blush topper due to its finish. Wisteria could be used as nice eyeshadow, but not as a true blush as it comes across as being pale on my skin. Songbird would work as a nice blush topper for an added glow on the cheeks or to add glow to any area you may have bronzed.

  • Snapdragon – Coral pink with a luminous finish
  • Wisteria – delicate rose with neutral, warm overtones mineral blush
  • Songbird – Peachy pink mineral blush

The Becca Blushed with Light Palette is available now at It will be available at on Sept. 26th and  in-store Oct. 9.


becca blushed with light palette

L-R: Snapdragon, Songbird, Wisteria

beccatrio8 beccatrio7 beccatrio6

becca blushed with light palette

L-R: Wisteria, Songbird, Snapdragon

beccatrio5 beccatrio4


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