Beautyblender Nude has arrived!

My favorite beauty sponge just got naked! Introducing the Beautyblender Nude

The Beautyblender Nude ( $20.00) just as the original beautyblender, is an edgeless makeup sponge designed to give flawless application of makeup to the skin. While there are a few other colors out there, (I have owned the purple, black and the original pink) but when this nude color came out, I definitely had to try it. The color is a very light, skin tone like color, so the nude name really fits it. The claim to this color is that it’s designed to celebrate flawless, natural looking skin for a no-makeup look.

When I first immersed it in water, I noticed at the third squeeze that some color did leave the sponge. I also found that it took longer to dry than the black/pro sponge does. It does feel softer than the pink and black beautyblenders to the touch and felt like a cloud was touching my face during makeup application. It bounces off the skin effortlessly and distributes product a lot more fluidly than the original sponge leaving a smooth finish to the skin. However, I did find it a bit harder to clean than the other sponges from this brand. I think it’s due to the mega softness of this sponge, that I found myself not being able to get most of the foundation stains out.

Overall, if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a really soft beautyblender, I’d say pickup this new one and you are bound to enjoy flawless results.


beautyblender nude

Beautyblender Nude, Dry

beautyblender nude