Munaluchi Love Affair Bridal Expo

munaluchi love affair bridal expo

MunaLuchi Love Affair Bridal Expo had it’s first show in The Bahamas this weekend at the British Colonial Hilton, Nassau. This multi-city wedding show, filled with luxury vendors from around the Bahama Islands, did not fail to impress soon-to-be-brides that were in attendance looking for new ideas for their special day.

The Muna Love Affair is produced by Munaluchi Bride, a multi-cultural magazine from the United States. Once you walked through the doors, you were pulled into an experience. There were artisans like Allan Pachino Wallace capturing images using salt and rice as well as floral, decor and photography vendors sharing what unique touch their services could bring to your wedding.munaluchi love affair bridal expo

What I enjoyed most about the Munaluchi Love Affair, was the multi-layer feel to the event. The coordinators of the event utilized the space at the British Colonial Hilton exceptionally well, giving attendees an organic flow as they moved through the expo. It was not just an open, crowded space, but there was room to move around and ample seating to get away and take it all in. I particularly enjoyed the meal section, (yes, I’m a foodie) where the British Colonial Hilton showcased different food options they were able to create for potential brides. There was something for everyone and the service staff were helpful and accommodating.

The Boutique Cake display. Faux wedding cakes are all the rage!
Grabbing a sample of what their actual cakes can taste like.

The British Colonial Hilton has a dessert table and I’m all here for the sweets!

As the evening set in, it was time for the fashion show. This portion of the show was curated to provide potential brides and grooms inspiration via a showcase of gowns and tuxedo options. Vendors such as Five Seasons Bridal and The Wright Dress did not disappoint as the models displayed their gowns effortlessly. There was a silhouette and style for every bride with some dress sizes ranging from 0-30!

Gorgeous lace dress from Five Seasons Bridal
munaluchi love affair bridal expo
Lovely gown from The Wright Dress

The grooms were not left out either. The Miguel Wilson Collection shared a variety of luxury tux and coat options from the very subtle to the bright and outlandish. The fabrics and fit of the coats are just in time for Spring and Summer weddings this year, so the grooms (and their brides) had lots of ideas to choose from.

Miguel Wilson of The Miguel Wilson Collection

Wedding season has officially begun in The Bahamas with the success of the Munaluchi Love Affair Bridal Expo. It was a lovely show and the British Colonial Hilton has already announced future show dates. Munaluchi has set the bar for other bridal shows in the country to follow as this was not just a show, but an experience. However, there are a few things I would have liked to have seen at the show.

  • Make the vendors names more prominent or offer a list of vendors to attendees. Most of the time I was not sure who I was looking at and walked right by the display. Some vendors had larger signs while others did not.
  • Different drink options (there was a cash only bar).
  • Free Wi-Fi to allow guests to share their experience immediately.

Collectively, I had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to a bigger, better Munaluchi Love Affair Bridal Expo in 2019 right here in The Bahamas.

Sharing a laugh with MunaLuchi Sales and Marketing Director, Nicole Mckenzie (Left) and Jacqueline Nwobu (Right), CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Munaluchi
munaluchi love affair bridal expo
L-R: MunaLuchi Sales and Marketing Director, Nicole Mckenzie, Alex Missick, Beauty/Lifestyle Influencer and Editor of, Jacqueline Nwobu, Munaluchi CEO/Editor-in-Chief