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June Favorites


Here we are folks! The last week in June and also my birthday week. I’m kind of excited about it but feeling like I should have more to show for being 31 and all. I’ve been meaning to do a round up of my June favorites for a few days now but I needed to reflect on this month as a whole and really look at the products I’ve been reaching for. We are half way through the year and I already have some questionable purchases! This month has a nice mix of fashion, body care and beauty items that I hope you would check out and maybe pick up one or two on your way home this week!

june favorites

Starting with this Aveeno stress relief body wash. The body wash literally turns your shower or bath time up ten notches. The lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang relax and calms you after a long day. The scent starts off as an intense in-shower experience, yet it leaves a soothing, light scent on the skin. These calming benefits really help me relax after a long day at the office-which is literally everyday.

june favorites

Since I started my new office gig, I’ve worn makeup every day. Something I don’t think I’ve every done. However, to make the process a bit more luxurious, I can not put down the Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Precision Foundation brush 660 ($18). The premium soft, synthetic fibers feel like real hairs-super soft on the skin. Although it’s a foundation brush, I can see this being a multi task brush as well for blush or even bronzer.

To make sure my skin stays supple and moisturized for the dry, summer months, I’ve added the Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide cream ($68 for 1.69 oz) to my night time routine. It’s an amazing protein moisturizer that leaves my skin looking revived and fresh every morning.

You never really know how cold an office can get until you’re sitting there for more than five hours writing content. I’ve added a new love for 3/4 sleeve sweaters like this Lucy Pineapple cardigan (£41.00) from Collectif Clothing. I recently wore this sweater with a matching pineapple dress as well. They are super cute and provide just enough warm for the chilly office and are cool enough that you don’t sweat to death in the summer heat once you go outside.

Lastly, I’ve been trying more pink blushes. I can always to more orange once we are deep into summer, but for now it’s pink. I’ve been obsessed with the Pretty Vulgar blush ($26 for 0.2 oz) in Hush Blush and the Covergirl True Blend blush ($9.79) in Deep Mauve. Both blushes offer a rather subtle, but natural pink flush of color to the cheeks.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my June favorites! Have you used any of these? See you next month!