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Hello November

hello november

Things to look forward to this November

Hello, November! November is a good month. That previous sentence really sums it up, but I want to say why it’s a good month. Firstly, and randomly I might add, I found out that my Great Grand Mother turned 104 years old. For years, and almost every year, she would say she’s in her 90’s. She’s an amazing lady who I had the privilege to know my whole life. Besides that awesome mile stone, here are a few things that I look forward to in November.


Time Change

Can we say yes to one extra hour of sleep? I love it! I do not enjoy however, the fact that the sun is up by 6AM. It means that I need to get up earlier, which requires longer days in my opinion. I could never lay in bed past 8AM so it’s a little harder when the sun is all in your face super early. The evenings are much cooler though, which emphasize that fall is here and winter is coming.

Sweater Weather

The evenings are cooler, and I can not complain. It’s almost time to pull out the comfy sweaters, but for now I’ll have to use just long sleeve cotton shirts. Boots and scarves will soon be making their debut as everyone takes advantage of the cooler weather. The Bahamas has usually Summer all day, everyday, but it’s nice to know that although our trees do not change color, and snow does not touch our lawns, we do get to enjoy a little bit of sweater weather.


hello november

This is the only time, other than Christmas, that a diet is not OK at my house. Your diet will be nameless as you indulge in all things Turkey and Pumpkin. While we can never forget the meaning of Thanksgiving and the importance of giving thanks, Bahamian culture uses it as an excuse (as with most holidays) as a reason to chow down and cook everything in the refrigerator. My fave dishes during Thanksgiving are Turkey with Cranberry sauce, as well as Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows!

Holiday Sales


Growing up, I learned the love of shopping from my mom. This time of year my mom would only seem to watch television for the commercials to see what deals stores like JCPenny had going on. Now, all I do is stalk sales and she’s still doing the same. The deals really come out a few days before and after Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Gift sets are also always amazing this month and they all seem to show up at the same time! We usually prep in November, making lists to see what we want to get and which store will have the best deal. I love the art of shopping with family and friends because it serves as a great outing and a way to make sure everyone gets what they want without breaking your pocket book.


Hello November! What are you most excited about this month?