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Hello February

hello february

Chocolates, Gowns, Men in tights! Hmmmm! Hello February

Ah, February,dubbed the month of love by so many, I’m very happy this year to actually say hello February. This month may be the shortest, but it’s packed with almost as much good feeling as the Christmas months. here are a few things that I am excited for this month.


Love, Love everywhere 

February is that month where so many women (and men) are expecting that perfect Valentine’s day gift. It’s like you have to come with all the things that sparkle and all things sexy just for that once day out of this entire month. It put’s into perspective for me how men think, especially how they are going to top Christmas.


Award Season

Bring on the popcorn and jaw-dropping ball gowns! I love February because it’s time for the Grammys, Oscars and other major movie and music award shows! I love the pomp and pageantry behind the pre-shows and the amazing gowns all of the stars get to wear. The makeup looks are also great because we don’t get to see the celebrities all glammed up on the full screen. Sometimes we get an odd ball dress that everyone hates but to me it’s all about how you carry yourself in the garment. I am also praying that Leonardo DiCaprio gets the Oscar he deserves this year.

So Much Sports!

I not much of a sports girl, but I love to see some football! It’s Superbowl 50 this year and I’m all prepped not to have the television for the rest of the day on February 7th. There is also the NBA All Star game to look forward to this year as well. I don’t love basketball, but as usual I know my significant other is going to want to catch that game too. I have to also look on the bright side, there will be so much snacking that I won’t have to make dinner at all. WIN!


Let me know below what you are looking forward to for the month of February.