Summer Sunday OOTD: Pleated skirt outfit

pleated skirt outfit

This Sunday was super hot outside and I wanted to wear something flirty but it would give me the option to still be cool. A pleated skirt outfit was the perfect solution. I’ve had this particular skirt (size large if you’re curious) for two years and there are a few I’ve listed on my Amazon Storefront that are similar to it as well. I love pleated skirts because they can be dressed up or down and can work with so many other fashion pieces that you will never run out of outfit ideas.

For my top, I opted for a bodysuit to ensure I had no bunching at the waist as a regular shirt would cause. I love the puff sleeves on this one. It’s old, so here’s a similar one and a more casual one that could totally work.

I also wanted a bit more bling outside of my jewelry, so I opted for cute sandals with tons of bling. These are similar and cuter too.

If you want to see the pleated skirt outfit in action, check out my TikTok below.


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