Prints and Peplum

prints and peplum

Happy 2018! I’m so happy to be sharing my first blog post of 2018 along with my fave fashion items: prints and peplum. Prints can always be dressed up and peplum can add a dressy element to your look. Today, I wanted to wear something comfy, yet easy. I reached for this beautiful damask jewel printed dress. The straps on this were a bit too thin for church, so I paired it with my fave black peplum jacket.

The jacket has this gold zipper details so I added some gold accessories. As for shoes, I wore a simple black pump to keep your eyes on that classy print. As for my hair, I had in some mini twists this weekend. I needed a protective style that was easy to manage, but also allow the outfit to shine on it’s own.

Outfit Details: Jacket | Dress | Pumps

prints and peplum

prints and peplum prints and peplum