Mustard Ruffle Dress

mustard ruffle dress

I’ve always believed that the colors you wear can reflect how you feel on the side. Well, I really felt like a ball of sunshine and that’s exactly what I wanted when I chose to wear this mustard ruffle dress. At first glance on the hanger, I though it would overwhelm my petite frame. The ruffles were extra soft, but kept moving forward throughout the day which I did not like. The fabric itself is a scuba fabric that must be professionally pressed in order to get the wrinkles out.

You can rock black pumps with this dress, but I have this lovely white and tan bag that I thought went well with the color of the dress. The bag has some gorgeous little flowers on there that added even more color to the outfit. Therefore, my shoe choice changed and I went with some camel colored heels instead.

Outfit Details: Dress | Bagย | Heel (blush version)

mustard ruffle dress

mustard ruffle dress mustard ruffle dress