How To Shop Your Closet for Fall 2020

shop your closet fall 2020

The current global pandemic has shifted the way we do a lot of things and shopping in person is one of them. It can be equally as frustrating when we get to venture out to the shopping mall and there are restrictions on what we can do in store. This is why I think it is imperative that we take stock of what we have and buy accordingly. I’m not saying that we need to stop getting new items to add to our collections, but we have to learn how to multipurpose, re-work and love our current pieces too. In the below video, I share how to shop your closet for Fall 2020 because there are a lot of trends this year that may already be staples in your current collections.

The first thing you want to do, is to choose a print that is trending this year and a colour. Make sure it is a print that you love and that you already may own multiples of. That way, you can style a different outfits. Choose your colour based on your mood. We already know that the base colours for fall are brown and black, but you can also add white or navy or another interesting pop of colour.

Print I’m loving: Animal Print

Animal print to me is a neutral because it can go with so many colors and can be styled so many ways. Snake print is huge this year, but leopard will always be a staple for me. This easy wearing leopard dress is my fave. Below I’ve grabbed a few that I think you would love.

Colour I’m loving: Teal

I know it’s not the usual dark fall colour, but I think that’s what makes it so special this year when you decide shop your closet fall 2020. What I want to do with teal this year, is to use it as a monochromatic colour or a statement colour. I would love to find this in as many blazers, tops and skirts as I can. I currently have a teal blazer, but I’ll be on the lookout for a skirt and top too.

I really hope this was helpful to get your started on how to shop your closet fall 2020. I know it can be overwhelming, but rekindling that romance between you and your current closet pieces is a great way to be a trendy and savvy fashionista.