High Neck Bodycon Midi dress x Waterfall Coat

high neck bodycon midi dress x waterfall coat

It’s not officially Winter 2017, but I’m actually looking forward to this week. All this cool air is so relaxing and I get to bust out my winter weather wardrobe. For this week’s Sunday Best, I was excited to put together this high neck bodycon midi dress x waterfall coat. I wanted to keep it casual but chic. I almost pulled out the furs, but the sunshine told me that I’d be doing too much.

Why so simple?

I kept the jewelry to a minimum, only wearing medium sized pearl earrings. For the dress, I prefer a high neck line over a turtle neck due to my short frame and it worked perfectly. The light, neutral color of the coat really made the teal of the dress pop. This outfit is a great example of how casual, simple garments can work together to create a really cute ensemble. This dress has so much stretch and I think it’s simplicity really allowed the coat to stand out and be the focal point of the outfit. Here are all the details of the outfit.

Waterfall Coat: BooHoo

Black Laser Cut Clutch: Unknown store

High Neck Bodycon Midi Dress: Giti Online (Plus size option:

Suede wedge shoes: Just Fab (Similar style)



high neck bodycon midi dress x waterfall coat