Cute Plaid Dress Outfit for Fall

cute plaid dress outfit

The air in Vancouver has really started to have a coolness that provides much needed comfort from the summer heat. I’m excited for the change in the atmosphere and figured what better way to welcome fall than with a cute plaid dress outfit.

Being outside, if only for a little while, feels so crisp and fresh as these big trees seem to want to be more inviting to the new season. I was so happy to find my two favorite colors, purple and black in a plaid pattern, that I had no problem coming up with a cute way to style this dress.

cute plaid dress outfit

To make sure the dress was able to have a life of its own, I paired it with an obi belt to add dimension to my waist and a felt hat to protect me from the bit of wind we had on this day. The ruffle at the hem provided the most subtle flair for a feminine touch.

The leaves have begun to change on some of the trees around me, but the ever greens are standing strong. Kind of like the dress itself. It’s a light weight cotton that does not feel cheap. It easily blows in the wind and it feels like I have nothing on at all.

The buttons are the same purple shade as the dress so they go unnoticed. The v-neckline adds much needed length to my short frame and although there is no stretch in this dress, I still felt like I could move freely.

While it’s not that cold yet, I am grateful that I can still wear sandals. These black strappy sandals are easy to slip on and wear comfortably all day, allowing me to enjoy my long walk through the fallen leaves, welcoming the cool air between my toes. Imagine, 50 degree weather in sandals after a long summer in the house! It feels amazing!

Wearing a nice, cute plaid dress outfit like this one can really put you in the mood for the upcoming season. It’s a staple print that everyone needs, even if you are not a fan of purple, plaid is definitely a must have print for fall.



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