Sigma Dry’N Shape Tower

sigma dry'n shape tower

Drying your brushes could not be more glamorous with the new Sigma Dry’N Shape Tower®

Today is an exciting day for makeup brush lovers who need a more convenient way to dry theIr brushes. Sigma Beauty has just released a brand new innovation called the Sigma Dry’N Shape Tower®! This amazing gadget completely dries and re-shapes even the most dense brushes, while allowing them to stand upright to make sure they are completely dry. This is great for professionals and makeup enthusiasts alike because I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect spot to dry your brushes undisturbed. With these new towers, they provide a stylish yet effortless way to get all your brushes dried and reshaped to their original form. The Sigma Dry’N Shape Tower Eyes® and Dry’N Shape Tower Face and Eyes® are designed to snap together creating the Dry’n Shape Tower Full set®. You can purchase them separately if you choose to as well. Disassembly is also easy and great for storage and travel. There are three sizes to choose from:

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