House of Lashes Lash Story


Never leave without your favorite lashes again with the new House Of Lashes Lash Story

The House of Lashes Lash Story book ($14.00) is a 10 slot lash storage case that is perfect to store your lashes if you are a lash enthusiast or a makeup artist. This cute lash book also has slots to hold a mini lash adhesive set sold by House of Lashes. I like the texture of the book itself as it’s very lightweight and made from paper and plastic that is fully recyclable. The closure is also magnetic for easy storage.

house of lashes lash story

The case it self is soft to the touch while the lettering is a metallic silver, with a dainty design wrapped around the edges. I do like the soft pink color and I hope they come out with a black one geared towards Pro Makeup artists. I do wish however, that the actual slots where their brands eyelash adhesive goes had a sharpie type of marker to write what lashes are in one space if you had different brands and styles. Additionally, I would have liked a designated section above the lash area to write what lash it is I’m looking at. The lash housing is made from a matte material similar to what comes in a standard lash package. Due to it being matte, it does not secure older lashes in place.

I think the Lash story is better suited for new lashes or lashes that have only been used about once or twice. I had some lashes that I had used about 3 times in the Lash Story and found them on the other side of the book once I was able to get into my suitcase. That’s another plus for this House of Lashes Lash Story case-it’s very travel friendly and held up well in my checked luggage without a scratch or dent.┬áIf you are looking for a travel friendly way to carry your lashes with your without the bulk or looking for a cute storage solution, I think you should give the House Of Lashes Lash Story a try.

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