Proganix Quench

proganix quench

Let’s face it: Winter is coming and for those of us that have curls, we know that they can get really dry and in desperate need of moisture. Proganix Beauty has answered that call. Proganix Quench is a four piece collection designed to regenerate dry hair into hydrated, soft to the touch tresses.


Creme Of Nature With Argan Oil Pudding Perfection

creme of nature with argan oil pudding perfection

During the fall season, it’s the only time left in the year that I can rock my curly hair without the worry of it drying out. As winter approaches, I wanted to find a product that would enhance my curls without weighing them down and I think I have found it. The Creme of Nature with Argan oil Pudding Perfection is a curl enhancing creme that gets the job done without making you feel like you have ten products on your hair.


NailHur Nail Makeup

Makeup? For your nails? I mean, if you really think about it, that’s exactly what our nail polish is- enhancing the look of the nails the same way makeup is for the face. If you’re like me and are always in a rush, then NailHur nail makeup are a must have, especially for the fall season with all the parties and functions we will be attending.


Hello October 2015

A new month is upon us and I want to say Hello, October! You’re here in all your Fall glory. Being in the Caribbean is totally different from experiencing fall in the midwest of the United States. It’s always Summer in The Bahamas, but that does not mean we can’t share in the warm and cozy feeling of a traditional Fall season.


Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette

The one palette that I think is a must have this season is the ever so popular Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette ($55 USD for 0.36oz). This twelve pan palette features mostly cool tones but has a few warm tones sprinkled in for balance. The top row is all cool colors whereas the bottom row of the palette has warm tones, all flowing from lightest to darkest from left to right.