Hello April


Spring is finally making a bold and bright entrance! Hello April!

Everything is in bloom now that Spring has arrived. I think spring is one of my favorite seasons besides fall. I’m ready to say hello April, because it seemed like old man winter just would not go away. April for me marks a time of renewing and refreshing. We always look to the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” and I’m not jumping too far up the calendar just yet, I just need some April blessings.

New Life. New Blooms


If Bambi taught us anything, it’s that spring time brings the with it all things new. New babies, new flowers, all kinds of newness. I was excited to return to our home in The Bahamas and find a new baby pineapple growing from my pineapple plant.

hello april

I had planted that tree from a food store pineapple, just wanting to plant something. I honestly did not expect it to bear fruit because it was from the food store and had been introduced to the freezers and a harsh environment. I have no clue when I will be able to eat my pineapple, but I’m just excited that it’s here.

No more layers! Hello Blush

hello april
Top: Forever21 Shoes: Steve Madden

Blush is a color that I always stayed away from as a child because I considered it too girly. I also like the fact that fringe is making its way back into our hearts via shoes, handbags, skirts, you name it and you can have fringe on it.¬†As I have grown and matured, I think blush is just the perfect color to update any spring wardrobe with. It’s light, airy and just a burst of femininity exuding from one color. You can wear it in so many ways, but my favorite is with a blush dress or a light top, just to keep things simple.

Childhood flicks turn into new movies

It seems to me like a ton of movies are coming out this month and most of them are childhood thrillers. I’m super excited to see the new Jungle Book (although it’s been remade before) because the new CGI technology is going to be awesome. Hardcore Henry is another movie I’m both excited and annoyed with at the same time. it’s a first person action movie that seems interesting because of the perspective, but it reminds me of the countless hours my boyfriend spent playing Call Of Duty of my apartment living room floor.

When all is said and done, I’m ready for April. I’m ready to embrace a new month with new and fresh beginnings. Let me know below in the comments what you are looking forward to this April.