Proganix Volume Collection

proganix volume collection

Take your hair to new heights with the new Proganix Volume Collection

The Proganix Volume Collection is a four piece assortment of products designed to take limp, lifeless hair and give it amazing volume and life. This powerful formula infused with caffeine and soy proteins, helps to plump and volumize every strand with lift and shine. When I first noticed that my hair had been shedding and lost a lot of volume, I did not think anything would be able to restore it to it’s former glory. This entire collection, with it’s light, citrus fragrance, gave me back my fluffy curls that I knew and love. The packaging is a very sleek with it’s metallic turquoise blue and gold colors. very vibrant and eye catching. I love the fact that they are in squeeze tube as well with the exception of the hair spray.

Both the Proganix Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ($9.99 for 8.5 oz) are very moisturizing and did not leave my hair feeling dry, but left every strand moisturized, soft and supple to the touch. The formula for the conditioner was very interesting as I noticed that is came out of the tube looking like a regular, pale conditioner, but once it touched my wet hair, it turned into a soft emulsion. So soft in fact, that it left no residue on the hair-as if it infused it’s amazing formula right into my strands. The Proganix Volume Amplify gel ($11.99 for 4oz) is my favorite product out of the collection. This gel is so lightweight and gave me instant lift once it touched my roots. It also was not sticky or hard and did not disturb my curl pattern once applied. To help hold all that volume in place, the Proganix Root Boost ($11.99 for 5.1 fl oz) is an excellent holding spray. It does have great hold and does leave the hair feeling hard and crunchy.

If you are looking for a collection that will give you the volume you deserve this winter, look into the Proganix Volume Collection to amplify your tresses.

proganix volume collection



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