Up In the Clouds Outfit of The Day


I felt like I was being carried on air in this whimsical outfit. I really enjoyed showing off this up in the clouds outfit of the day. I love me a good peplum top to take care of any bloating I may have going on. It also accentuates the hips as the pencil skirt brings it all together. This cream top was really stretchy and I though the statement shoulders would have been in the way but they were perfect. I opted not to wear a necklace because my shoulders did all the work.

As much as I would have loved a half-up do with this look, I felt like a nice, sleek bun would do the trick to keep things elegant. I added a small flower clip to balance out the color distribution. I wore my favorite blue pumps  to make my legs look longer (since the skirt is blue) and some arm candy to keep things sparkling. I actually wore some eyeshadow with this look, keeping it sultry and smokey with my fave lashes for smokey looks and a mauve pink lip.

Outfit Details: Top (use code ALEX for 5% off) | Bodycon pencil skirt | Blue heels

up in the clouds outfit up in the clouds outfit up in the clouds outfit